Alex WeissmanGeorge Washington High School
    Alex Weissman is a student, tennis player, and George Washington High School Ambassador. Alex cares about politics and global issues, notably education and inequality. This year, he became the president of George Washington’s Student Voice Council and started a media company, State of the 38th. When he’s not at PresenTense meetings, he probably is working on speech and debate, playing chess, or catching up on the latest issue of The Economist.
    Venture: Patriot Parcels
    George Washington High School has over fifty families at risk of becoming food insecure. The community responded by handing out food at school. This approach failed because students could not take the food back to their places of residency. Patriot Parcels takes food boxes directly where people need them, capitalizing on the confluence of those in need and those willing and able to help. Together we can make George stronger.

    Jordan Block