Ella BarronEast High School
    Ella Barron is a 10th grader at East High School. She loves history and writing and enjoys trying to look at hard topics in a new way. If anyone brings up medieval food or Arséne Lupin she can talk for a lifetime with a beaming smile and maybe a few incohesive phrases. Ella has had dyslexia for her entire life and she wants to make a career out of her writing because Ella is a strong believer in making a career out of what you truly love.
    Venture: Timeless Muse productions
    “Timeless Muse Productions is an interactive theatre platform that shares the real stories of women throughout history because women’s voices and accomplishments need to be elevated. We will have local actors inbody these women and engage with a live audience in costume and character to empower women into pursuing leadership roles in male dominated fields by showing off women who have already succeeded in these occupations.

    Ali Bibbo