Emma MasonEast High School
    Emma Mason is a sophomore at East High School. In her free time she enjoys playing goalie for lacrosse, and in the past year has loved pursuing her dreams throughout her time with PresenTense. Emma was diagnosed with diabetes on November 1st 2007, when she was seven years old. Being diabetic has helped shape Emma into the person she is today, and guided her inspiration for her project. She is excited it see where her project takes her.
    Venture: DiaBuddies
    DiaBuddies is a babysitting service, where teenagers with diabetes babysit children with diabetes. Diabetes has many complicated aspects such as carb counting, measuring ones blood sugar, and giving insulin, which make it hard to find a babysitter who can take care of these intricacies. DiaBuddies gives families someone who knows how to take care of diabetes because they have had first hand experience with it.

    Stefanie Ginsburg