Eytan Markman-RaffeldFairview High School
    Eytan Markman-Raffeld is a ninth grader at Fairview High School and is part of the Cross-Country team. He loves technology and trapeze. His passions include trapeze, debate, mock trial, and making people laugh. He is from the US, Belgium, and Israel. He speaks English, French, and Hebrew. Eytan loves to interact with others and meet new people. For the PresenTense Fellowship, Eytan is working towards eliminating the issue of the most deadly animal, mosquitoes.
    Venture: Dragön Band
    The Dragön Band is a fit bit-like bracelet or anklet that repels mosquitoes in a new innovative way that is odorless, soundless, and task free. When the band is turned on it emits the silent frequency of a dragon flies wings to repel mosquitoes. Therefore creating an odorless, soundless, and task free way to effortlessly repel mosquitoes permanently. You put it on, you turn it on, and you’re mosquito free.

    Tova Scherzer