Sophie Cardin
    “Axel Strynar is a Sophomore at Fairview High School and is excited to pursue his passions of air pollution and the general health of the people. In many cities, polluted air causes health problems like lung cancer and heart disease, and also causes general discomfort for inhabitants. For his project, Axel is focusing on designing an ideal facemask to aid people living in these cities. In his spare time, Axel loves to ski and draw.”
    Venture: Shield
    Shield is a venture that strives to redesign facemasks to be more fashionable and comfortable. Likewise, Shield masks are specifically made to filter out pollutants instead of allergens, like its competitors. Shield masks are ment to provide aid for people living in cities with bad air quality, and they will also improve the masks that are on the market right now.

    John Stueve