Sophie GoldbergDenver East High School
    Sophie Goldberg is a freshman at Denver East High school. She is a dedicated member of East’s forensics team which has made her more aware of international politics and conflicts. Additionally, Sophie enjoys inventing and innovation. Through PresenTense, Sophie is working to pursue her interest in inventing and social entrepreneurship by piloting her invention, the Grav-WASH-ity, in developing communities around the world.
    Venture: Grav-WASH-ity
    In developing countries, many people lack access to electricity and therefore cannot clean their clothes effectively. The Grav-WASH-ity, a washing machine powered solely by gravity, solves this problem. The Grav-WASH-ity can also be used in business-like settings to promote economic change in developing communities. By partnering with non-profit organizations, Sophie is working to pilot her invention in developing countries around the world.

    Joanna French